UWF - Edward Ball Nature Trail

 * This map was last updated January 26, 2013

Trailhead Location
Dec Lat: 30.551679                    Lat: 30°33'6.04"N
Dec Lon: -87.221358                    Lon: 87°13'16.89"W

Trail Information
Type: Dirt / Narrow Boardwalk / Sidewalk
Users: Hikers
Distance: 0.8 miles (loop)
Fees: None
Restrooms: None

The UWF Edward Ball Nature Trail is mainly a narrow boardwalk loop trail.  There are two side trails off the boardwalk that connect up with the UWF West Campus Blue Loop Trail.

Directions To Trailhead
The UWF Edward Ball Nature Trail is located on UWF Campus in Pensacola.  The trailhead begins behind building #10 (Crosby Hall).

Click here to get directions to the parking lot closest to the trailhead. You will then need to walk behind building #10 (Crosby Hall) to reach the trailhead.  Type your starting location in box A, then click the Get Directions button.

Sign By Buildings

Trailhead Sign

More Trail Information