Tarkiln Bayou State Park - Wet Prairie Trail

 * This map was last updated September 21, 2012

Trailhead Location
Dec Lat: 30.372783                    Lat: 30°22'22.02"N
Dec Lon: -87.402163                    Lon: 87°24'7.79"W

Trail Information
Type: Dirt - Wet
Users: Hikers
Distance: 2.2 mile loop
Fees: $3.00 per vehicle / $2.00 walk-in or bike
Restrooms: Yes
Park Hours: 8 a.m. to 1/2 hour before sunset

The Tarkiln Bayou State Park offers three different trails.  The Wet Prairie Trail is across the street from the parking lot.  This trail mainly follows an overgrown dirt road.  Most of the trail is dry, but there are a few areas where you may get your feet wet or muddy.  At the parking lot you will find a restroom, a couple of picnic tables, and a pay box(honor system).

Directions To Trailhead
The road to the trailhead (Bauer Rd) is located between Lillian Highway (US 98) and Sorrento Rd., west of Blue Angel Parkway.

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Entrance Sign

Parking Lot

Welcome Sign

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Picnic Tables

Trail Entrance

Trail Start

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