This is a list of dirt and paved trails within a 30 minute drive from downtown Milton, FL.  Click on an underlined trail name for more information.  Trail names not underlined are future hikes and will be updated as information becomes available.  Click on the info icon "" to view other websites info for these trails.  If you would like to see a trail added to this site, email me at

 NameType Length
Drive Time
 UWF - Edward Ball Nature Trail0.826
 Blackwater River SP - Chain of Lakes  ?1.223
 UWF - Cross Country Trail - Loop A1.323
 Clear Creek Nature Trail  ?1.511
 UWF - WC -Yellow Loop Trail1.729
 UWF - Cross Country Trail - Loop B2.223
 Garcon Point Trail322
 UWF - WC- Orange Loop Trail (Short)3.529
 UWF - WC - Green Loop Trail4.3
 Old Brick Highway - Sidewalk5.77
 UWF - WC - Orange Loop Trail (Long)29 
 FT - Blackwater Trail ?6.316
 Red Rock Road Mountain Bike Trail 25 
 FT - Eglin West - FL87 Trailhead  ?8.517
 FT - Juniper Creek Trail8.8 23 
 UWF - WC - White Loop Trail29 
 Blackwater Heritage State Trail107
 UWF - WC - Red Loop Trail9.129 
 UWF - WC - Blue Loop Trail12.5 29 
 FT - Jackson Red Ground Trail  21.227 
 UWF - The Trials  21