In Hot Pursuit 5K - October 20, 2012

* This map was last updated October 20, 2012

Start Line Location
Dec Lat: 30.331861                    Lat: 30°19'54.70"N
Dec Lon: -87.140792                    Lon: 87° 8'26.85"W

Course Information
Type: Pavement
Distance: 3.1 miles
This 5K course starts and finishes next to Crabs restaurant at Casino (Pensacola) Beach.  The course exits the parking lot and follows Via De Luna Drive breifly.  The course continues into a small neighborhood next to Pensacola Beach.  The course is flat and other than a small loop in the middle, the course shares the same roads.

Directions To Start Line
This course starts at Pensacola (Casino) Beach.  From Pensacola, travel south on I-110 and take exit 1B for Gregory Street East toward Pensacola Beach.  After 0.6 miles, turn left onto Bayfront Parkway.  Travel 5.2 miles and turn right at the split for Pensacola Beach.  This is a toll road.  After traveling 2.2 miles, you will arrive at Pensacola Beach (Casino Boardwalk) on the right.

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Finish Line

Awards Ceremony

Link Code To Map,-83.804601&sspn=10.551706,21.51123&t=m&z=15

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