Florida Trail - Fort Pickens

 * This map was last updated July 28, 2013

West Trailhead Location
Dec Lat: 30.328576                    Lat: 30°19'42.87"N
Dec Lon: -87.289636                    Lon: 87°17'22.69"W

East Trailhead Location
Dec Lat: 30.319324                    Lat: 30°19'9.57"N
Dec Lon: -87.261309                    Lon: 87°15'40.71"W

Trail Information
Type: Dirt / Sand
Users: Hikers and Bikers
Distance: 2.0 miles (one way)
Fees: Private Vehicle - $8 (7 Days)
Walk-in, Bicycle, Non-commercial Bus (Per person) - $3 (7 Days)
Gulf Islands National Seashore Annual Pass - $25
Interagency Annual Pass - $80
Lifetime Interagency Senior (US Citizen, 62 and over) - $10
Lifetime Interagency Access (US Citizen, Disabled) - Free
Commercial Sedan (1-6 Capacity) - $25
Commercial Van/Mini Bus(7-25 Capacity) - $40
Commercial Motor Coach(26+) - $100
Restrooms: At West Trailhead

The Fort Pickens Trail is at the west end of the Florida Trail, a National Trail that starts at Fort Pickens and continues to South Florida.  This section of the trail is mostly a dirt / sand hike with may opportunities to spot wildlife.  You can hike or bike this section of the Florida Trail.  You can also hike the Blackbird Marsh Loop Trail which connects to this trail.  This trail is located on Gulf Islands National Seashore and there is an entrance fee to the park.

Directions To Trailhead
After arriving in Gulf Breeze Proper, follow the signs to Pensacola Beach.  You will cross over a toll bridge.  After the toll bridge, turn right at the first light onto Fort Pickens Road.  After traveling on this road for 7.5 miles you will arrive at the East Trailhead (turn right at dirt road).  Continue on Fort Pickens Road another 2.5 miles, turning right at the Fort to arrive at the West Trailhead.

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Entrance - Pay Fee

West Trailhead Parking

West Trailhead

Battery Worth Parking Lot


Blackbird Marsh Trailhead

East Trailhead

East Trailhead Picnic Tables

More Trail Information