ECUA Bayou Marcus Boardwalk

* This map was last updated December 9, 2012

Main Trailhead Location
Dec Lat: 30.437039                    Lat: 30°26'13.34"N
Dec Lon: -87.326705                    Lon: 87°19'36.14"W

Wheelchair Accessible Trailhead Location
Dec Lat: 30.444257                    Lat: 30°26'39.33"N
Dec Lon: -87.332776                    Lon: 87°19'57.99"W

Trail Information
Type - Gravel - Boardwalk
Users - Hiking
Distance - 1.5 miles (one way)
Fees - None
Restrooms - None

The ECUA Bayou Marcus Wetlands offers a wide boardwalk that cuts through the wetland area.  This area is part of the Great Florida Birding Trail. 

Directions To Trailhead
The entrance roads to the trailheads are near the Muldoon Road light on Blue Angel Parkway.  The main entrance is just south of Muldoon Road on Fayal Drive.  Drive down the road and the entrance to the trail will be on the right hand side just before the entrance gate to the ECUA plant.  The wheelchair access entrance is north of Muldoon Road on Alekai Drive.  Driving down Alekai Drive, the parking lot will be on the left hand side inside a chain link fence.

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Plant Entrance Sign

Main Entrance

Entrance Trail Signs

Handicap Entrance

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