Big Lagoon - Sand Pine Trail

 * This map was last updated December 8, 2012

Trailhead Location
Dec Lat: 30.318233                    Lat: 30°19'5.64"N
Dec Lon: -87.403568                    Lon: 87°24'12.84"W

Trail Information
Type: Dirt / Pavement
Users: Hikers
Distance: 3 mile loop
Fees: $4.00 Vehicle, one person
$6.00 Vehicle, two or more
$4.00 Motorcycle
$2.00 Walk-in or bicycle
Restrooms: None

The Big Lagoon Sand Pine Trail is a loop trail that covers a large portion of Big Lagoon State Park.  The trail is mostly sand through forest areas and travels beside a lagoon and pond.  The trail is marked mainly with arrows and a map is also available from the attendant at the entrance to the park.

Directions To Trailhead
Big Lagoon State Park is located at the intersection of Gulf Beach Highway (CR 292A)  and Bauer Road.  After passing the pay station, the parking lot trailhead will be immediately on the left side of the road.

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Parking Lot Entrance

Parking Lot

Trail Entrance

More Trail Information