Bear Lake Trail

 * This map was last updated November 23, 2012

Trailhead Location
Dec Lat: 30.861996                    Lat: 30°51'43.19"N
Dec Lon: -86.833373                    Lon: 86°50'0.14"W

Trail Information
Type: Dirt
Users: Hikers
Distance: 4 mile loop
Fees: $2.00 per person for day use
Restrooms: Yes
Park Hours: 8 a.m. to sunset (camping available)

The Bear Lake Trail is a hiking trail that loops around Bear Lake in the Blackwater River State Forest.  The Sweetwater Trail also connects to this trail at the west and east end.  To stay on the Bear Lake Trail follow the white painted blazes on the trees.  There are also a couple of places along the trail with a clearing for primitive camping.

Directions To Trailhead
Bear Lake is located in the Blackwater River State Forest north of FL-4 near Munson, FL, which is north of Milton, FL and west of Crestview, FL.  While driving on FL-4, turn north on Bear Lake Road and follow the road to the parking lot at the end.  There is a kiosk with envelopes for the honor pay box.  You will need to have exact change.

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Bear Lake Kiosk

Trail Sign

More Trail Information