Welcome, my name is Joel and I am the creator of PensacolaTrails.com.  I enjoy hiking often and felt this would be a good resource for people who live around the Pensacola area to learn about trails and events.  In my desire to hike, I have spent many hours researching where trails are close by.  Although there are many sites available to advertise this, there was no centralized website to showcase these trails.  Hence, PensacolaTrails.com was born.

I hike with a camera to document what the trailhead looks like and carry along a GPS that maps out the trails and events as I walk or bike.  All the trails listed on this site with maps are trails I have explored.

If you know of any trails within a 90 minute drive from downtown Pensacola and would like to see the trail listed on this website, email me at info@pensacolatrails.com.

Happy Trails!